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Storage industry spiffs things up

Sunday, January 19, 2014 -- Self-storage has gotten a makeover. Dank, one-story buildings with padlocked units tucked away in industrial locations far from the city center are out of fashion, industry leaders say.

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Houston Storage Company Opens New Location

Houston, Texas (Marketwire) February 18, 2009 -- There are many features that set BullsEye Storage apart from its competitors. Customer service is a high priority for the Houston self storage company. The experts at BullsEye Storage work with each client to estimate their storage space needs and offer useful tips on how to arrange items to get the maximum use of their unit and save money on storage. Each location has a resident manager that lives on site to offer the best level of customer service and ensure that the facility is clean and uncluttered.

All BullsEye Storage locations are inside Loop 610, and serve the areas in and around River Oaks/Montrose, Heights/Northside, and Gulfgate/Hobby airport. At the multi-level Houston storage facilities, two industrial-sized elevators on the exteriors of the buildings provide easy access to the upper floors. All locations offer free use of a moving truck to assist new clients with their move-in.

Safety is another important priority at BullsEye Storage, beginning with a complimentary cylinder lock for each customer and individual passcodes to gain access to the computer-controlled security gate, as well as to the buildings and elevators. Most units have individual door alarm connected to monitors in the BullsEye office and round the clock surveillance cameras are recorded 24 hours a day throughout each property.

"We recognize that individuals and business owners have options when choosing a storage facility," said Peter Morris, owner of BullsEye Storage. "Maintaining a high level of customer service and managing the Houston heat and humidity are high priorities for everyone in our organization."

Clearly, their hard work and dedication has paid off as BullsEye Storage was named 2008 Houston Storage Facility of the Year by the Houston Press and honored with the ASA Excellence in Construction Award. They recently launched their new website, with a comprehensive menu of services and helpful storage space estimator feature to ensure that each customer selects the unit best suited for their storage needs.

About BullsEye Storage

BullsEye Storage is locally owned and operated with three convenient locations throughout the city. Each Houston Texas storage center features 24-hour electronic surveillance and a live-on-site management team. BullsEye Storage has been an accredited member of the Better Business Bureau since 1993, and is the only storage facility in Houston with that distinction.

Storage Houston: Benefits of Using Houston Self Storage vs. Warehouse Storage

When deciding what type of storage facility to choose for your household or business items, customers may be tempted to choose warehouse storage over Houston self storage for its relatively low price. While these clients may be able to save money initially on their storage needs, they may end up regretting their Houston storage choice in the long run. Before making a decision about your storage needs, consider the following characteristics regarding warehouse and self storage.

Warehouse Storage

A warehouse is a commercial building that is used to store goods. These facilities are used by wholesalers, manufacturers and sometimes residential customers as a way to store a large amount of items at low costs. Some warehouses include loading docks and forklifts to make moving large goods more efficient. There are some advantages to storing bulk items in this fashion; however, there are also some serious drawbacks. Usually, the warehouse facility is void of actual workers and is instead completely automated. There is very little to no climate control in a warehouse, and there is also some concern about the lack of security in these facilities, because items most often sit unprotected on the warehouse floor. Many clients who use a warehouse become frustrated due to lack of access, as well, because they must make an appointment to retrieve their items during the open hours. Finally, the lack of air conditioning and climate control may damage valuable possessions and paperwork, particularly in a humid climate such as Houston. With all of these drawbacks, it is no wonder that many Houston customers turn to self storage as a better alternative to a warehouse.

Self Storage

A self storage unit is exponentially more convenient for most Houston residential and business customers. These types of storage facilities offer climate control, private access and the ability to have complete control over who has the opportunity to view the stored items. If a high quality storage facility with residential management is chosen, customers can take satisfaction in knowing that their possessions will be monitored round the clock. Another benefit of using a self storage facility is that these locations are often staffed by professionals who are experienced in the field of storage, packing and shipping; and having access to such expertise may turn out to be an invaluable aspect of storing your items.

BullsEye Storage

In the Houston area, there is not a better self storage facility choice than BullsEye Storage. We offer live-on-site residential management staff, and locations throughout the metro area. Let our staff demonstrate the benefits of using a self storage facility rather than a warehouse storage unit. Call our stop by one of our locations today.

Business Storage in Houston Protects Vital Documents

Business owners throughout the city of Houston are finding their space is getting smaller by the day. What's the reason for this? Box after box of old business documents are stored in offices taking up precious space and exposing the documents to irreparable damage.

For this reason, companies in Houston are starting to turn to professional business storage facilities. By placing important business documents in a secure, climate controlled storage unit, these businesses are able to free up office space and store their documents in a safer environment.

Why Business Storage in Houston is Necessary

The simple truth is storing boxes of important documents in your high rent office space just doesn't cut it. Beyond the obvious space it takes up, the documents are also exposed to damaging conditions. It's no secret that the humidity in Houston is unbearable. Well, that humidity can wreak havoc upon sensitive documents.

Additionally, if documents are stored in an old closet, they can get exposed to leaks, dust, mold, and harmful insects. It just doesn't make sense to place valuable pieces of information in such conditions.

By placing these sensitive files in a business storage facility, they will be protected from the harshest Houston conditions. No matter what the weather is like, the documents will be in a climate controlled facility that preserves them in a like-new condition. With the hurricanes that come through every few years, this service is invaluable to business owners.

Choosing the Right Business Storage Facility

Finding the right storage facility requires more than choosing the lowest price. Unfortunately, Houston is littered with low rate storage spaces that are able to offer bargain basement prices because they provide no benefits.

Houston weather dictates important business documents be stored in a climate controlled facility. It also helps to have an on-site maintenance team that can react to situations instantly before precious documents get damaged.

For all of your business storage needs, call Bulls Eye. We provide climate controlled facilities with on-site management and maintenance. This means your documents will always be protected from the harshest of conditions. Don't leave your files unprotected! Contact Bulls Eye Storage today!

Climate Controlled Storage is a Must for the Houston Climate

It may seem that choosing self storage in Houston would be a simple endeavor: find a storage facility close to your home, rent a unit, and then fill it up with your items. The local phone books are filled with self storage options for Houston communities, which means your choice should be really easy, right? Wrong. Not all storage facilities are the same; and many people are not aware that climate controlled storage is virtually a necessity in the Houston climate.

Do I really need a climate controlled unit?

Some of the storage units around the city offer seemingly inexpensive rates for their facilities, and their advertisements can make it seem like they are offering their clients an incredible deal. But pay closer attention to the fine print, and you will discover that most of these storage companies do not offer climate controlled units. A self storage unit in Houston that does not have a controlled environment could be a dangerous proposition, considering the following;

  • The humidity in Houston during the summer months is much higher than in other areas, and a humid environment can ruin paperwork, cause mildew to grow and cause warping of wood items.
  • Temperatures get very high in the Houston summer, which means it is uncomfortable for many people to be searching through their storage units.
  • Although Houston is famously known for its heat, the winter months are generally quite cold. These weather extremes make for a potentially hazardous environment for important paperwork and breakable items.
  • It rains quite regularly in the Houston area, and a storage unit in Houston that does not provide adequate shelter from the elements may not protect your items from leaks, flooding and water seepage.

Is there a difference in the Houston storage companies that offer climate controlled units?

While there are many differences between what each particular storage facility offers, one major difference is that not every storage facility offers an on-site management team who resides in an apartment within the complex. Having a management team on-site is invaluable for many reasons, not the least of which is the ability to perform immediate maintenance measures should the climate control systems fail. With the unpredictability of the Houston weather, and the many storms that blow through the region each year, an on-site resident management team provides real assurance to storage customers that their items are well taken care of, regardless of what the weather brings.

For more than three decades, Bulls Eye Storage has been providing climate controlled storage units to Houston residents, and each of our facilities has professional, capable on-site management. We are proud to be able to provide our customers with safe, comfortable storage units at reasonable prices. To find out more about our facilities, visit us at where you can find the location of the site nearest you.

Choosing a Furniture Storage Space

If you are in the process of moving, you probably need to find a place to store some of your belongings. Many people assume that all storage places are the same and that they can keep all of their stuff at the self storage company down the street. Unfortunately, many storage companies do not value your items as much as you do, and as a result, your belongings can suffer severe damage. For this reason, you need to follow a set of specific guidelines when choosing a furniture storage facility.

  • Indoor or Outdoor - The first thing to consider when searching for a storage space is whether you need climate controlled storage or not. The best way to determine your needs is to look at the items you will be storing. For instance, if you are looking for a furniture storage space, you will want climate controlled storage because the environment is air conditioned, similar to a home, which helps to protect the condition of the furniture. All valuable items that are sensitive to outdoor conditions should be stored inside. Non-climate storage is more suitable for tools, heavy equipment, and other items that can survive in a garage type environment.
  • Accessibility - The ability to access your items when you need them is another important facet of choosing a Houston storage facility. Many storage companies make it difficult for their customers to retrieve their items. For this reason, you should always choose a company that lets you get to your items when you need them. The best companies give their clients individual pass codes to open the gate and retrieve their belongings.
  • Security - Perhaps the most important aspect to consider when choosing a Houston storage facility is the level of security the storage company offers. As it relates to accessibility, you want to have access to your items, but you don't want everyone else to have that same level of access. The storage company needs to have a system in place that assigns individual access to each storage unit. Furthermore, your storage unit should come equipped with sturdy locks that keep intruders out. Some of the better storage companies feature security alarms and 24/7 surveillance cameras throughout the property. This helps ensure that your belongings will be treated with as much care as possible.

BullsEye Storage

BullsEye Storage is a Houston self storage company with 30 years of experience in providing expert service for all of their customers. They value your belongings, and it shows in their high quality facilities and exceptionally friendly customer service. BullsEye Storage is proud to offer the best value for furniture storage in Houston. To learn more about their services, visit

Managers of Houston Storage Facilities Establish New Levels of Customer Satisfaction with Self-Storage Services

For the past three decades, BullsEye Storage, a local company, has been building and operating specially designed self-storage facilities in Houston, Texas. This organization, which today owns five locations, has pioneered innovations that set their units apart from the rest of the industry.

According to Peter Morris, who directs the organization, "Our BullsEye staff has succeeded in creating the most convenient, user-friendly self-storage centers in Houston."

BullsEye managers live on each site. Their goal is to save customers money and make storing items as convenient as possible. These trained storage experts help tenants get maximum use from every inch of rented area.

"We do all we can to lower our customers' costs by suggesting sound ways to put more items into less space," said Morris. "Since a large number of BullsEye units have ceilings a full two feet higher than many other storage centers, our managers can often assist tenants in making a 10-foot by 10-foot unit do the work of a 10-by-15 room. That's a real money saver."

In addition to maximizing storage space, BullsEye managers are also packing pros who give tips on the best way to prepare items for long or short-term storage. And since they live in the facility, they are available for extra customer service. They also answer the telephones, so a tenant calling with a special need speaks with someone on-site as opposed to an operator thousands of miles away in a call center.

The resident live-on-site BullsEye managers monitor the 24-hour-a-day, 365-days-a-year TV cameras and alarms. When requested, they will accompany customers to their storage space and, with a tenant's authorization, accept business packages from FedEx, UPS, and other services.

Since hot, moist Houston air can ruin customers' valuables, another manager responsibility is monitoring the commercial-grade climate-control systems. BullsEye facilities are maintained at a constant 75 degrees, as opposed to the less costly 78-degree temperatures found at many competitors' sites. Site managers are also charged with handling all facility maintenance to ensure meeting tough company standards.

According to Morris, "BullsEye managers hold responsible positions. Our buildings are first-class. And our bonus benefits to tenants, including free use of a BullsEye truck and a specially designed lock that comes at no extra charge with each rental, are great attractions. But what sets BullsEye apart is the dedication of our managers. These folks make it possible for us to offer our money-back guarantee that says if a tenant moves in and is not completely satisfied after the first two weeks, we'll cheerfully refund their money in full. That's another advantage of local ownership."